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Join us to celebrate the achievements of our fellow Rocklanders in making this county a cleaner, greener, healthier place for all!

November 19, 2016  /  7:00-10:00 pm
HNA Premier Palisades Conference Center



Beautiful photo above taken by Peggy Opalek in Stony Point

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Sat 11/12 – Senator Carlucci Adopt-A-Road
Sat 11/12 – Rockland County Police Hispanic Society Adopt-A-Road

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1. Rockland Underground Tours – Insider eco-tours of some of the most fascinating spots in the county – FREE to Members (all others pay $20)!

2. Fun Get-Togethers –  Annual Meeting/Wine & Cheese Party, Spring Cleanup Wrap-Up Picnic, Meet Ups & Mixers

3. Magnet for Your Car

4. Satisfaction of being part of a wonderful group who takes care of our local environment & fosters sustainable communities

5. Great way to show local officials that cleaner & greener matters to you!

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Thank you to all the students, teachers, mentors and facilitators who participated in this year’s Rockland P.L.U.S. program and its culminating symposium at RCC on March 18th!

130 students from Clarkstown North, Hudson Valley P-Tech, Nanuet, Nyack, Pearl River, Spring Valley and Suffern High Schools gathered at RCC for the day-long program. They brought along the work they created in three sessions held previously at their schools – where they envisioned a sustainable approach to sites near their individual schools.

This program was free for all schools to participate thanks to support from the following sponsors:
Lead Sponsor: Suez Foundation   /   FedEx   /   Frank and Joanne Gumper
First Niagara Bank Foundation   /   Orange & Rockland    /   Rockland County
Plus: Inserra Supermarkets for food donations

> 2016 Rockland P.L.U.S. Highlights: Video and Photos

> Program Information


Time to Schedule Your School’s
2016/2017 EARTH B.E.A.T!

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Fun, Hands-on Environmental Education

Schedule Earth B.E.A.T. at Your School or Camp Today

Earth B.E.A.T. engages students in a day of fun, interactive activities focused on local ecology, waste reduction, water and energy conservation.  By participating in these Eco-Stations, students build knowledge about their community and the human-nature connection. They make meaningful connections to class curriculum and the NYS learning standards and are inspired to take simple steps to protect the environment.

Earth B.E.A.T. provides our students with motivating, relevant, interactive experiences to deepen their understanding and respect for our natural resources, as well as their role in caring for the earth! …students have fun while learning important lessons!“

— Francine Cuccia, Principal, Link Elementary World School

Say No To The Bag

 Say No to the Bag Campaign

Isn’t it time to stop using plastic bags once and then throwing them away? In fact, do we really need to use them at all? Most plastic bags are used once and then discarded. Yes, really!

So Maria Luisa Whittingham of Nyack is leading the charge to get people to simply pause…and ask:

As a merchant, employee, or volunteer in a retail setting: “Did you bring your own bag today?” If no,”Will you need a bag today?”

As a consumer: “I pledge to forego a bag and bring my own bag when shopping”

Sound like a simple and reasonable idea? Then sign this petition to let the world know…

 Say No to the Bag Campaign


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Dr. Davies - Sen. Carlucci's Cleanup Meeting Place

Dr.Davies meeting place

Hyenga Meeting Place

hyenga meeting place

Terms and Conditions

I understand that my participation in this Cleanup is purely voluntary, without any expectation of payment or remuneration of any type, and I will not be covered under the Keep Rockland Beautiful (KRB) workers’ compensation insurance policy. I fully understand this is a RELEASE OF LIABILITY and by signing my name below I am GIVING UP MY RIGHT TO SUE Keep Rockland Beautiful, their respective employees, property owners and other volunteers for any injury or losses suffered as a result of my volunteering for this cleanup. I also give full permission for representatives of KRB to captue video, audio, still images or any other personal identification characteristics of me to be used in any manner, throughout the universe, in perpetuity, in any and all media, now known or hereafter devised, including the right to edit, delete, dub and/or fictionalize such materials. By signing below I waive any and all rights to compensation and ownership of such materials or to restrict usage of such materials.

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