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Registration Open
for the Great American Cleanup!

From April through May, thousands of your friends and neighbors get out there to clean up and beautify Rockland during the Great American Cleanup. Their work is a huge boon to our waterways and overall environment. Here’s how you can join them! More Info


Want to help KRB? AND reach out to all these volunteers and show your support? Here are some ways to boost your company’s visibility:




To make ordering and sending a logo for a
banner, t-shirt, tote bag, etc. even easier, we now have an online shopping cart and form for uploads.



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Grabbers Ready, Kids!
Cleanups are a great way for kids to earn community service hours and learn about the world around them.  Even littler ones – there are loads of kid-friendly sites that they can help with. Just ask your Community Cleanup Leader for advice. They are there to help ensure a safe and enjoyable cleanup experience.



Calling All Students in 8th -12th Grades 


1-2 minute YouTube Video – First Prize $125
15 second Instagram Video – First Prize $75

THEME: “Make a difference…
Join the Great American Cleanup”

Help inspire and educate others on the important role of the cleanup in keeping our streets, parks, and waterways clean. Let’s go viral! Deadline: May 15, 2015



Time to Schedule EARTH B.E.A.T!  

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Fun, Hands-on Environmental Education

Schedule Earth B.E.A.T. at Your School or Camp Today

Earth B.E.A.T. engages students in a day of fun, interactive activities focused on local ecology, waste reduction, water and energy conservation.  By participating in these Eco-Stations, students build knowledge about their community and the human-nature connection. They make meaningful connections to class curriculum and the NYS learning standards and are inspired to take simple steps to protect the environment.

Earth B.E.A.T. provides our students with motivating, relevant, interactive experiences to deepen their understanding and respect for our natural resources, as well as their role in caring for the earth! …students have fun while learning important lessons!“

Francine Cuccia, Principal, Link Elementary World School


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Say No To The Bag

 Say No to the Bag Campaign

Isn’t it time to stop using plastic bags once and then throwing them away? In fact, do we really need to use them at all? Most plastic bags are used once and then discarded. Yes, really!

So Maria Luisa Whittingham of Nyack is leading the charge to get people to simply pause…and ask:

As a merchant, employee, or volunteer in a retail setting: “Did you bring your own bag today?” If no,”Will you need a bag today?”

As a consumer: “I pledge to forego a bag and bring my own bag when shopping”

Sound like a simple and reasonable idea? Then sign this petition to let the world know…

 Say No to the Bag Campaign

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