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Thank you to those who took part in the

2015 Fall Waterways Cleanup.

Girl Scout Troop 40694 Demerest Kill Park Cleanup Apr 2012At this time there are no more scheduled cleanups, but20120929 spring valley trees for tribs 02 you may still choose to organize and register your own cleanup.

If you are organizing and registering your own cleanup, please be sure to call KRB and schedule a supply pick up. Make sure to tell your group what they should wear or bring to your cleanup. Let KRB know if other volunteers can join your event and we will post it on our website. Click the following links for more information & images from this year’s Fall Waterway Cleanup Campaign

Stay tuned for information about our Great American Cleanup scheduled for Spring 2015.


Help us go back to school!

GlobeRuner_Med3x4in (2) AYS

Environmental education is KRB’s main mission. Our educators are busy year-round in schools across the county. They engage kids – from tots to teens – in fun, hands-on activities. Our EARTH B.E.A.T and ROCKLAND P.L.U.S. programs take place in elementary, middle and high schools. They are wonderful experiential programs that help hundreds of students make meaningful connections to their curriculum and their community.

Unfortunately, due to funding cuts, our environmental education programs are under pressure. Unless we raise funds from caring individuals like you, we will have to make significant cuts and scale back our plans to reach underserved parts of the county.  So many children would miss out on these unique and vital programs. Please donate to our Environmental Education programs to ensure a cleaner, greener future for us all!

THANK YOU!!!!!!!


Say No To The Bag

 Say No to the Bag Campaign

Isn’t it time to stop using plastic bags once and then throwing them away? In fact, do we really need to use them at all? Most plastic bags are used once and then discarded. Yes, really!

I’m all for reusing the bags that we have for as long as possible and disposing of them responsibly, through recycling or re-purposing.

on October 25, 2014 a procession led by the Bag Beauty and a Bag Beast marched in the Nyack Halloween Parade to promote theSay No To The Bag campaign. The Bag Beast was joined by a Bag Beauty, who wore a gown created from single-use disposable bags by Maria Luisa. The Bag Beast wore a garment made from the 500 plastic bags that a single consumer uses in a year, on loan from Rockland County Solid Waste Management Authority.  Volunteers accompanied both Bag Beauty and Bag Beast, gathering bags collected from the public along the route of the parade. Bags were “fed” to the Bag Beast and the Bag Beauty by volunteers who recycled the plastic bags into a tail for the beast and dress train for the beauty.  Each bag made the train of the beauty’s dress and the tail of the beast longer.  Volunteers also held signs promoting the “Say No To The Bag” campaign, and got people to sign a petition pledging to “Say No” to the single use disposable bag.

This action is a collaboration between Maria Luisa, Rockland Solid Waste Management Authority, Keep Rockland Beautiful, Rockland Youth Environment Society, Anthony’s Park Art and Re-cycle Center, The Nyack Chamber of Commerce and Nyack News And Views.


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